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Elena Minguela
25 junio 2014

Shortlisted products for the Delta Awards, the celebrated industrial design prizes from Spain.

The Spanish association supporting design and architecture FAD has unveiled the 53 selected projects for the 37th edition of the Delta Awards, having as a commitment to promote the recognition of those innovative industrial design products that opt for a conceptual renovation, bring environmental consciousness and at the same time are exemplary models in terms of design and manufacturing quality.


The Delta Awards are promoted by ADI-FAD, the industrial design FAD branch. In this edition the jury in charge of selecting the Gold and Silver Delta Awards, as well as the ADI Medal to the best final degree, masters or postgraduate projects, includes Eugeni QuitlletCatalan designer that started his career alongside Philippe Starck now based with his own design studio in Barcelona; Jorge Díez, an expert in automotive design currently head of exterior design at SEATChris Lefteri, a master professional in materials and their application in design; Joaquim Ruiz Millet, architect, editor and gallery owner who also donated some pieces to the Barcelona Museum of Design collection; Inga Sempé, celebrated french furniture and lighting designer; Johannes Carlström, co-founder and designer at Note Design Studio, one of the most influential studios in Scandinavia; and Gracia Cardona, co-founder and editor in chief of the online publication diarioDESIGN.

More about Eugeni Quitllet on diarioDESIGN.

More about Inga Sempé on diarioDESIGN.

More about Note Design Studio on diarioDESIGN.

The products selected belong to a wide range of categories: products for the people, for the habitat, for the workspace, for outdoors and even for mobility. For this reason amongst the long list of finalists there are from lamps to baby high chairs.

And the finalists for the Delta Awards 2014 are:


Aero kitchen, designed by José-Luis Domínguez Carranza. Manufactured by Mobalco (Stilinea cocinas).

Akane lamp, designed by Pepe Llaudet. Manufactured by Faro Barcelona.

Alma lamp, designed by Roger Vancells. Manufactured by Modiss.

Armand Basi

Wild Forest perfume packaging for Armand Basi, designed by Estudi Arola (Antoni Arola and Enric Rodríguez). Manufactured by Idesa Parfums.

Arne lamps, designed by Santa & Cole design team. Manufactured by Santa & Cole Neoseries.

More about Santa & Cole on diarioDESIGN.


Aurae lamp, designed by Rubén Saldaña Acle. Manufactured by Arkoslight.

More about Rubén Saldaña on diarioDESIGN.

Botella Abellán

Abellán Bottle, designed by Pablo Abellán Guillén. Manufactured by Vetroelite.

Butaca Tina

Tina chair, designed by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT – Benedetta Tagliabue. Manufactured by Expormim.

Chandlo dressing table, designed by Doshi Levien. Manufactured by BD Barcelona Design.

3.0 rugs collection, designed by díez + díez. Manufactured by Alfombras Veo Veo.

Collage collection, designed by Dsignio (Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo). Manufactured by Back to 1907.

Gardenias outdoor collection, designed by Hayon Studio (Jaime Hayon). Manufactured by BD Barcelona.

Cool lamp, designed and manufactured by Fluvia.

Cret – Cret table, designed by Noviembre Estudio (Susana Sancho and Vicente Porres). Manufactured by Noviembre Estudio.

EVA tea set, designed by Maia Ming Fong in collaboration with Claudi de José. Manufactured by Porcellanas KOM.


Flip shelving, designed by CrousCalogero Design Studio (Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero). Manufactured by Arlex.

Fontal chair, designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca. Manufactured by Expormim.

Geberit Sigma 70 bathroom collection, designed by Christoph Behling. Manufactured by Geberit.

Gen 3D tiles, designed by Dsignio (Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo). Manufactured by Harmony – Peronda.


Grasshopper table and bench, designed by Makoto Fukuda. Manufactured by Escofet.

Roc planter box, designed by CAAS Arquitectes (Marc Casany Estrada). Manufactured by Durbanis.

Joystick Comfort Sailor

Joystic Comfort Findus vibrator by Joydivision International.

Joystick Comfort

Joystic Comfort Sailor vibrator by Joydivision International.


LaClasica chair, designed by Jesús Gasca. Manufactured by Stua.

CF table lamp, designed by Diseño Ibérico (Carlos Ferrater Lambarri). Manufactured by Diseño Ibérico/Desenho Ibérico (Climar).


Lojamonero ham stand, designed by Diba studio. Manufactured by Lodiví.

M14 Dualflow

M14 DUALFLOW® PLUS hand dryer, designed by Luis Sau and Jordi Solé. Manufactured by Mediclínics.


Nenúfar lamp, designed by Joan Gaspar. Manufactured by Marset.

Offset table system, designed by Tomás Alonso Design Studio. Manufactured by Maxdesignl.

Orgánica kitchen, designed by José-Luis Domínguez Carranza and Francisco Davila Luaces. Manufactured by Mobalco (Stilinea cocinas).

Pet Lamp

PET Lamps, designed by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón Studio. Manufactured by PET Lamps.

Pop System accesories, designed by GR Industrial Design (Adrià Guiu and Iñaki Remiro). Manufactured by Plastisan.

Liner signs, designed by Joan Liarte. Manufactured by Dlimit.

Poste separador Max

Max poles, designed by Joan Liarte. Manufactured by Dlimit.


Rabari rugs, designed by Doshi Levien. Manufactured by Nanimarquina.

River Stone bathroom collection, designed by Dsignio (Patxi Cotadelo and Alberto Bejerano). Manufactured by Harmony – Peronda.


Sense electrical mechanism, designed and manufactured by Simon.

Sifon ducha paret

Sifón wall shower system, designed by Tribecraft. Manufactured by Geberit.


Detail 82 electrical mechanism, designed and manufactured by Simon.

Sit – Up public seat, designed by Alòs idees (Marc Salvador and David de Sicart). Manufactured by Mago Urban.


Stack outdoor collection, designed by Borja Garcia Studio. Manufactured by Gandia Blasco.

Polo lamp, designed by Joan Gaspar. Manufactured by Marset.

Skyline out lamps, designed by Estudi Roselló Associats. Manufactured by Santa & Cole Neoseries.


Stram lamp, designed by Rubén Saldaña Acle. Manufactured by Arkoslight.

Tonburet Junior

Tonburet Junior stool, designed by Aparentment (Josep Vila Capdevila). Manufactured by Aparentment.

Toronto stool, designed by In-tenta with Daniela Seminara design (Manel Duró, Marta Gordillo and Daniela Seminara). Manufactured by Made Design Planning Sisplamo.

Trace lamp, designed by Artec3 (Maurici Ginés). Manufactured by Lamp lighting.


Trick, Skira architectural lighting, designed by Dean Skira. Manufactured by iGuzzini Illuminazione.

Oueat high chair, designed by nuun kids design (Bruna Vila Solà and Núria Motjé Terris). Manufactured by Nuun kids design.

Up upcycled textiles

Up upcycled textiles, designed and manufactured by DRT Team.

Wakufu lamp, designed by Estudi Ribaudí (David Morera and Jordi Ribaudí). Manufactured by Dresslight Barcelona.

You and Me

‘You and Me’ tennis table, designed by Antoni Pallejà Office (Toni Pallejà and Júlia Polbach). Manufactured by RS Barcelona.

More about You and Me on diarioDESIGN.

The awards ceremony will take place on july 10, 2014, as a part of the Barcelona design festival FADfest. During the event at the Disseny Hub Barcelona the ADI Medals will also be awarded. This ceremony will coincide as well with the Barcelona Design Festival closing celebration.

Full coverage of this year’s Barcelona Design Festival on diarioDESIGN.

All finalist products will be included in the 2014 Delta Awards catalogue and will take part on the «Best Design of the Year» exhibition, that includes finalists and winning projects from the different awards organised by the six FAD branches. It will be on show from June 25 in the premises of the Disseny Hub Barcelona building.

Read all about Delta Awards on diarioDESIGN.

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