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Elena Minguela
6 noviembre 2013

Siesta anytime, anywhere: the Ostrich Pillow family grows with Light and Junior.

3 ostrich pillow junior
1 ostrich pillow lightThe idea behind Ostrich Pillow was to provide with a means that would make possible to have a siesta anywhere. It was launched last year by the architecture and design studio based in Madrid Kawamura-Ganjavian and now comes in two new models; Ostrich Pillow Light and Ostrich Pillow Junior. Both facilitate relaxing moments anytime and anywhere.

More about Ostrich Pillow in diarioDESIGN.

2 ostrich pillow light

The Ostrich Pillow is not just a pillow. Nor is it a mattress, or an accessory. It is a mixture of all these, a sort of microenvironment. Once again is being launched through crowdfunding on The new Light version is easy to carry around and especially designed for frequent travellers and holiday-ers.

4 ostrich pillow light
5 ostrich pillow light
6 ostrich pillow light

Ostrich Pillow Light has been designed in order to have a comfortable nap on the road. It isolates the head area with lightweight micro-granuals covered in silicon that block sound. Its elastic, adjustable ‘ring’ allows users to adapt the size for greater comfort. The inside lining is extremely soft allowing comfort and rest whenever, wherever.

7 ostrich pillow light
8 ostrich pillow light

The overall object of this new version of Ostrich Pillow is to instil comfort, practically and portability in the product, besides contributing to take a nap in style.

9 ostrich pillow light

This new sleeping partner comes in two colors; red and blue.

Kawamura Ganjavian hasn’t forgotten the smallest members of the household and the fact they need their afternoon nap.

10 ostrich pillow junior
11 ostrich pillow juniorThe Ostrich Pillow Junior comes in a smaller size and in a red dotted fabric or blue with waves for sweet dreams.

12 ostrich pillow junior

13 ostrich pillow junior

More about Ostrich Pillow Junior in the web of Studio Banana.

More information on

More about Studio Banana in diarioDESIGN.

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