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Gemma Figueras
18 julio 2011

Pleat Box, the latest creation by Marset, illuminates Gail’s – the trendiest bakery chain in London.

We saw it in Ventura Lambrate, the most experimental hall of the fuori fiera in Milan, as one of the main new features of the Spanish lighting company Marset. And we are delighted that Pleat Box, the lamp of the Catalan designer Xavier Mañosa, has gone from poetic prototype to a commercialized product and is now being installed in contemporary design premises. This is the case of the chain of English bakeries called Gail’s Bread, whose shops & cafes are already lit by the Pleat Box. In a happy coincidence, this lamp “returns” to the heat of the furnace in which it was created.

Gail’s is a chain of delicatessen bakeries located all over London. Its shops in Crouch End and Exmouth Market, designed by Louise Davies, are the ones that feature these lamps. They were conceived as organic food restaurants, with cakes that take your breath away and all types of bread. Their motto is “bread is the essence of life and our passion” and they vindicate its classic formula; natural ingredients and time. “We eat, we slept, we breathed, we dreamed, we cook and we sell bread”, they say.

Pleat Box of Apparatu and Mashallah for Marset

The Pleat Box was designed by craftsman ceramist Xavier Mañosa (Apparatu) and the Berliners Mashallah, who specialise in the digital production of fashion and product, that emanates from the transformation of a textile fold in digital design. The upper part of the lamp, made in ceramic material, emulates the softness of fabrics. This collection consists of four sizes in different finishes: gold, white, natural clay and dirty grey, from the recycling of the different enamels.

The ceramics at the core to this lamp are enhanced in Pleat Box with an inner finishing in white glossy enamel. In addition, the inside of the models in dirty grey and white glossy enamel are also offered in 18 carat gold, which generates warm reflections reminiscent of water.

Some days ago, Pleat Box took centre stage in an installation and party in the showroom that Marset owns in Barcelona.

You can see Xavier Mañosa talking about Pleat Box in his presentation on the week of the Furniture Fair in Milan.

More information:

Showroom Marset
Santaló, 56
08021 Barcelona
T +34 932 005 726


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