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Mariola Montosa
9 junio 2014

Modulor, a tribute to Le Corbusier by Hisbalit and Zooco Studio at CasaDecor Madrid.

Modulor de Hisbalit 1 (Copiar) The glass mosaic company Hisbalit is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To commemorate such important date, the Spanish brand is not only launching a new collection but also paying tribute to acclaimed architects of that time. Its hommage to Le Corbusier is now on show at CasaDecor event in Madrid, a bedroom with arcades inspired by Modulor, the scale of measurement developed by the renowned architect. It has been a collaboration project made together with Zooco Estudio and uses the exclusive collection Identity Mosaic that allows the reproduction of pictures on the tiles surface.

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Modulor de Hisbalit 2 (Copiar)

Modulor can be seen at CasaDecor Madrid until June 22. According to Hisbalit, «it breaks with the traditional layout and proposes the adaptation of the room to the user’s habits and not the other way around, allowing to order them according to their everyday needs.»

Modulor de Hisbalit 3 (Copiar)

Just as its name suggests, the project pays tribute to the measurement system Modulor created by Le Corbusier with the same name in the 60s. The architect was also inspired by the Leonardo Da Vinci’s theory of establishing a direct relation between the proportions of building and human-beings.

Modulor de Hisbalit 4 (Copiar)

The project consists of a wooden flooring, modular arcades paneled with glass mosaic and mirrored walls. The arcades close to the edges of the room run all over the walls whilst the inner ones are shorter and have been left open to the facade that lightens the space, allowing the distribution of different environments and providing «a multipurpose area that unifies the spaciousness of the whole», said the firm.

Modulor de Hisbalit 5 (Copiar)

The bown colour has been used in the sleeping zone to create an atmosphere of comfort and cozyness. The working, relax and dressing areas feature different tones of grey and neutral colours that relax your sight and encourage concentration, they say.

Modulor de Hisbalit 6 (Copiar)
Modulor de Hisbalit 7 (Copiar)

The result is a luminous and changing project in which colour plays an important role since it seeks to transmit emotions. To do so, Zooco studio has followed chromotherapy guidelines when using the Stone collection by Hisbalit, whose earthly tones and pure finishes reproduce the aspect of rock and stone. A palette that, according to chromotherapy, helps disconnect and relax.

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