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Arantza Álvarez
30 mayo 2014

Mama Campo: a patchworklike interior design for a place devoted to organic food in Madrid.

Mama Campo is a new gastronomic initiative in Madrid that mixes three different spaces: a restaurant, a market and a zone dedicated to children. Located in the lively Olavide square, it specialises in organic food seeking to recover the original flavours of the Spanish cuisine.

Mama Campo Madrid Manolo Yllera 7
Mama Campo Madrid Manolo Yllera 10

The well-known photographer Manolo Yllera was in charge of leading the interior design of this project in which, beyond gastronomy, every single detail has been taken care of, in order to achieve a very special and consistent atmosphere.

Mama Campo Madrid Manolo Yllera 14

The awnings by Juan Sánchez, el artesano espartero (the artisan of esparto) on the façade are without any doubt a brilliant way to give an accurate idea about the eco-friendly orientation of the business and the style of the decoration in the inside.


The bioconstruction cooperative Qatay has been behind of the artistic coverings on walls and ceilings of the restaurant. The main idea was to patch these surfaces with different textures and colours to create a diversity of eye-catching elements that would match at same time with the general aesthetics of the restaurant. To achieve so, environmental friendly materials were used: earth plaster, jute fibre, clay or silicate paints, cane, whitewash, mats…

Mama Campo Madrid Manolo Yllera 4

A wooden floor runs throughout the space combined at times with the beautiful encaustic tiling Drops by studio Mut for Entic Designs.

Regarding the furniture, chairs and tables of different styles have been used. The mix includes pieces by well-known designers such as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec or Dirk Van der Kooij together with newcomers like Wow EstudioInés Benavides or Pilar de Prada.


The same criteria has been followed for the lighting fixtures, including designs by Marre MoerelÁlvaro Catalán de Ocón or Txula Artesanía, among others.


Social and environmental commitment is the unifying element of all these visually heterogeneous designs. Mama Campo also supports art, collaborating with numerous artist friends like Carlos Villoslada.


Staff outfits by Ecoalf and IOU Project, aprons by peSeta, tableware by Costa Nova and flower arrangement art by Llorens&Durán complete the atmosphere of this space devoted to the best traditional and organic gastronomy. 

Photo credits: © Manolo Yllera
Mama Campo
Calle Trafalgar, 22
28010 Madrid
Tel. 916 22 75 16

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