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Gemma Figueras
14 febrero 2012

Refined vintage interiors by Abaton Arquitectura and Batavia.

After more than ten years teaming up with interior designers BataviaÁbaton Architects now present unique homes like this: the result of a custom-made architecture and a wide selection of refined vintage design pieces.

Like in many other cases, the orography was crucial in the building of this 312m2 home. Due to the shape of the plot located at Madrid’s suburbs, building a spacious house was quite a challenge for the studio.

The building structure consists of two rectangles united by a long narrow corridor. The architects took advantage of the unevenness of the land to position the three floors in different levels, maximizing the privacy of the rooms, only visible from the garden.

An exterior semidark area gives access to the door entrance located in the center of the building, where a set of stairs vertically separate all floors. This area gives access to different parts of the house, serving as a distribution hall. In order to enhance the visual effect of the different levels, the architects chose to create wide open spaces visually connected among them.

The architects’ choice was to perfectly combine the interiors and the exterior of the house. In that sense, the living room and the kitchen take up the house’s bright central area offering a fantastic view of the outside that contrasts with the semidark narrow distribution hall.

The duplex lounge, the dining room, the kitchen and the main bedroom are all located on the ground floor and provide direct access to the garden. Furthermore, one of the windows is framed by a concrete pillar widening the view of the garden.

The interior design project led by Batavia counted on functional design pieces that, combined with some antiques, vintage furniture and contemporaneous masterpieces, create a warm well-balanced refined atmosphere.

The unique aesthetics pays attention even to the smallest details: frameless full-height white doors, custom-made wardrobes with sliding doors and radiant heated floors, among others.

In the main bedroom, the headboard is surrounded with glazed panels, while a sliding panel hides the bathroom.

The rooms located on the upper floors have terraces connecting to the exterior of the house. That is the case of the children’s area on the second floor that counts on a well-protected terrace.

All floors are paved with honed limestone, also used to cover the bathroom walls and the showers. Only in the outside granulate limestone was used.

The swimming-pool was built in a separate area respecting the uneveness of the land. The garden combines grass with pine barks.

Technical specifications:

Paving in honed limestone.
Concrete walls, brick facade enclosures and mortar covering.
Flat covers with gravel finish.
White MDF woodwork.
Steel entrance door.
Radiant heated floors.
Lacquered aluminum woodwork.

Architecture and construction: Ábatón Arquitectura
Interior design
: Batavia
: Belén Imaz

More about Ábaton:

Born in 1998, the Architects Studio is led by Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón and Carlos Alonso. All their works speak the same language in terms of light, sustainability and spaciousness.

Ábaton Arquitectura
Ciudad Real, 28
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Tel. +34 91 3521616


Serrano Anguita, 4
28004 Madrid
Tel. +34 91 5942233

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