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Gemma Figueras
23 enero 2012

Renovated Classic: The talented duo Pilar Libano and Alfons Tost team up at the Circulo Ecuestre restaurant.

Making their mark on one of the most important social hotspots on a club founded 155 years ago and in a building from 1910 was not an easy task. The refurbishment of the Círculo Ecuestre restaurant was undertaken by interior designers Pilar Libano and Alfons Tost. Working together for the first time, the inspirational team had a clear objective: to create a contemporary classic. And we think they have achieved this goal and more.
Circulo Ecuestre’s new restaurant could neither be too modern nor too classic, but cozy and warm. The new interiors should make all visitors feel comfortable, both long term members and newcomers. And that is how the remodeled space has become “a classic of today” maintaining the club’s exclusive spirit while adding a touch of contemporary elements which create an intimate, welcoming atmosphere.

The project led by Pilar Libano and Alfons Tost draws its inspiration from the classic English and French members clubs, this can be clearly seen in the Boisserie painted green reflecting the company’s colours. This green which is now not only seen in England, but is a colour which has been brought right up-to-date becoming much lighter, thanks in part to well-designed lighting contrasting brass lamps and painted screens with strip lighting and LEDs…

The lighting system was treated as one of the axis of the project as the restaurant was to be located in the basement. A piece of taut canvas transforms the ceiling into a bright white surface creating an infinite effect. The light and brightness are reflected by the walls covered with a mosaic of mirrored tiles combining different finishes.

The new restaurant sets out to optimise space with carefully sized tables and interiors. Wicker chairs have been recovered and tastefully upholstered with stone grey covers complementing the general shade of the place.

Wood, iron and linen flooring coexist, alternating block colors with hounds-tooth prints.

The result is a comfortable, light, versatile and attractive atmosphere. In just four months, the two interior design studios have teamed up and have taken care of even the tiniest detail. The goal of creating a “home away from home” is more than achieved, yet in a much more comfortable and contemporary setting. More sensations are evoked by the kitchen, led by Chef Philippe Leblay, offering a fine selection of traditional dishes from Catalonia and France.

Círculo Ecuestre Restaurant
Balmes, 169
08006 Barcelona
Tel. 934 156 000


More about the interior designers:

Pilar Libano is an renowned decorator whit a vast experience. Her most known projects are, among others, Velódromo bar and Salero and Carmelitas restaurants in Barcelona, Antonio Miró boutique in Bilbao, interior design of Nespresso shops, and Miró hotel in Bilbao and Amister and The Urban Suites hotel in Barcelona.

Estudio Pilar Libano
Rambla Catalunya, 103 ppal B
08008 Barcelona
Tel. 932 159 841

Alfons Tost (Tortosa, 1966) studied Product Design with Ramon Benedito at Eina. In 1994 he founds Tost, a multitalented design studio and iron furniture manufacturer. In 2008, he founds the Alfons Tost Interiorisme area, where he develops emblematic gastronomic spaces such as Espai Sucre Restaurant i Escola Espai Sucre, Restaurante Santa and Restaurante Santamaría, Montvinic, Fastvinic, Comerç 24 (Barcelona) and AQ in Tarragona.

Alfons Tost Interiorisme
Passatge Marimón, 7
Tel. +34 93 200 22 65




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