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Intsight studio moves the Mediterranean charm of Cadaqués inside the Tramuntana Hotel.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 1 (Copiar) Cadaqués has been and will always be a synonymous of charm. A micro-cosmos –unique in the world– full of beauty and light that inspires and overflows with creativity. Intsight design studio has captured its essence and translated it into the minimalist Tramuntana Hotela small inn of only eleven rooms located in the old quarter of the town.
Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 2 (Copiar)

Together with the owner of the hotel –Carles Quirch– and the master builder in charge of the overall project and its implementation, the Barcelona-based studio has created a project intended to cause feelings and emotions in every guest.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 3 (Copiar)
Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 4 (Copiar)

The result is a hotel that breathes calmness and a homely atmosphere, inspired and as a continuation of the family home in which the hotel is now located. The other inspirational element is, of course, the environment: the colours and landscape of the Costa Brava.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 5 (Copiar)
Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 6 (Copiar)

Intsight has been especially in charge of the common zones –the reception, lobby and breakfast area– as well as the furniture, lighting and accessories.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 6b (Copiar) Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 7 (Copiar)

The atmosphere is warm. The aged wooden floors, the italian furnishings by Gervasoni and the natural fiber fabrics provide this feeling, even though some industrial elements have been used as well, such as the adjustable lights hanging from the walls.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 8 (Copiar) Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 9 (Copiar) Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 10 (Copiar)

Therefore, the rooms and spaces are particularly bright through white walls, floors and light furniture. Only soft hues of beige and grey with touches of black -mainly, but occasionally other colours too- compose the palette.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 11 (Copiar) Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 12 (Copiar)

Lastly, the stucco used in some of the walls seeks to emulate the erosion caused on nature by the Tramuntana wind, that blows quite hard sometimes.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 13 (Copiar)

The interior design tends to be minimalist but allows itself a few exceptions, concerning in particular the style of the lamps.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 14 (Copiar)

The turquoise colour of the sea is of course present as well, but it has been reserved only for bathrooms.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 15 (Copiar)

Intsight teamed up again with Espluga + Associates for the brand identity and the web design. They worked together as well in the project Chök, a gourmet chocolate shop in Barcelona. Read more about Chök here.

Tramuntana Hotel de Intsight 16 (Copiar)

They are working as well in a book that compiles all those elements and thoughts that have been useful for the interior design of the hotel.

Photo credits: Mireia Rodríguez and Tramuntana Hotel.

Tramuntana Hotel
Calle de la Torre, 9
Cadaqués, Girona

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