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Elena Minguela
3 abril 2014

Petit Comitè, the new restaurant by Lagranja for Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany.

1 petit comiteLagranja design studio has created a contemporary and laid-back space for Petit Comitè, the newest restaurant of chef Nandu Jubany located right in the heart of Barcelona.

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2 petit comiteThe cuisine and the interior share a same language: an appealing menu based on classic Catalan gastronomy but with an avant-garde twist plus an interior design in the same line full of unexpected details.

3 petit comite

The entrance of Petit Comité has a tasting bar in which two geese hanging from the ceiling -the chef’s new pets- welcome customers. They are two irreverent sculptures made of metallic mesh, giving the space an amusing touch.

4 petit comite 5 petit comite 6 petit comite
7 petit comiteIn this project Lagranja also paid a hommage to one of their teachers, the recently deceased Rafael Marquina, transforming his iconic oil bottle into a lamp.

8 petit comite 9 petit comite 10 petit comiteA huge wooden plate rack has been used as a screen, an original way to provide the main dining room with some privacy.

11 petit comite 12 petit comite

13 petit comiteThe dining room’s concept makes reference to the name of the restaurant -property of the Majestic Hotel Group-, and so it is divided into small «islands» that allow to enjoy food in the privacy of your group by using the different areas as independent rooms.

14 petit comite

The space also has a more informal dining room outdoors as well as a more classic one on the inside. There are color splashes over the otherwise neutral range of colors like the Sargadelos crockery, tha lamps and the wooden mortars carefully placed along the bookshelves.

15 petit comite 16 petit comite
Photo credits: Miquel Coll


Petit Comitè
Passatge de la Concepció, nº 13
08008 Barcelona
17 petit comite 18 petit comite 19 petit comite 20 petit comite

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