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Tachy Mora
28 octubre 2013

Wrong for Hay: the Danish company launches a collection under the direction of Sebastian Wrong.

WFH_coverDuring the last edition of the London Design Festival, the Danish furniture and homewares company Hay launched a new collection conceived by Sebastian Wrong. It's called Wrong for Hay and consists of a line of products selected and produced by Wrong - one the founders of Established and Sons and until very recently the company's design director.

WFH_LensBoxLens Boxes’ designed by Thomas Jenkins. WFH_Hook ‘Hook’ designed by Line Depping. WFH_TelaGlassware‘Tela Glassware’, glasses designed by Silo Studio.

Wrong for Hay includes a series of designs by Sebastian Wrong himself as well as from other designers, many of them based in London – the city where Wrong lives and where the collection was born. Amongst the pieces there are ceramic ware by Ian McIntyre, textiles by the fashion designers Bernhard Willhelm and Nathalie Du Pasquier (one of the founding members of the Memphis Group) a lamp signed by Stefan Diez and glassware by the English-Spanish duo Silo Studio.

WFH_Ori_01 WFH_Ori_02 Salt and pepper grinders designed by Anderssen & Voll.

The debut collection was presented in an old Georgian house near St James Park where the colourful pieces stood out against the sombre, neoclassical decor.

WFH_CurveChairCurve Chair’, designed by Sebastian Wrong using fabrIc by Nathalie Du Pasquier. WFH_SmileyQuiltSmiley Quilt’ designed by Bernhard Willhelm. WFH_ MemoryCushion Cushion with a fabric designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier.

This year Hay turns ten years old. The company was fist introduced in Cologne in 2003 and has repidly grown, particularly in the last few years when it has made a name for itself as a company that offers innovative design at a good price. In this sense, Sebastian Wrong has radically changed direction, given that Established & Sons is positioned as a luxury brand.   

WFH_PionLightPion’ table lamp designed by Bertjan Pot. WFH_RopeTrickLight‘Rope Trick’ standing lamp designed by Stefan Diez. WFH_ NocLightNoc Clip’ table and shelf lamp designed by Smithmatthias.

The gang of designers chosen by Wrong also includes Lucien Gumy, Anderssen & Voll, Line Depping, Jakob Jørgensen, Simon Donald, Snaefrid & Hildigunnur, Shane Schneck, Leon Ransmeier, Akka Studio, Bertjan Pot, Daniel and Emma, Faudet and Harrison, Thomas Jenkins and SmithMatthias – a mix of emerging talents, young designers and more established figures.

WFH_HockneySofaHockney’ sofa designed by Sebastian Wrong. WFH_NeuChair‘Neu’ chair designed by Sebastian Wrong.

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