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Mariola Montosa
1 octubre 2013

Malmö by Borja García: a veggie restaurant with a Nordic character in Valencia.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (0) [1600x1200]The first was Copenhagen and now Malmö. The Valencian designers Borja García and Laura Ros continue to bring the Nordic countries to Valencia. The common factor in these restaurants is vegetarian food and a fresh design that transmits Scandinavian values. Whilst the design approach to Copenhagen was more formal, Malmö is more homey and Nordic style cosy.

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Malmö de Borja García Studio (1) [1600x1200]Malmö is situated in the up and coming neighbourhood of Russafa and is similar to Copenhagen in many ways: an abundance of carpentry, neutral tones and clean lines. But this time round, colour has been introduced through the pieces of funiture in order to achieve a warmer atmosphere, without endangering the coherence of the brand.

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Malmö de Borja García Studio (2) [1600x1200]Borja García and Laura Ros carried out the interior design respecting the unique architecture of the locale (that previously accommodated another restaurant). The designers were faced with a rectangular space that they divided into three, inter-connected sections: reception area, bar and restaurant. The front gate and door is the only point of separation, and they can be opened out to merge the interior with the exterior.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (3) [1600x1200] Malmö de Borja García Studio (4) [1600x1200]In the dining room, a large round oak table sits next to a continuous bench and rectangular tables which can be moved around according to the needs of the restaurant.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (5) [1600x1200] Malmö de Borja García Studio (6) [1600x1200]The front threshold and door appears as a ‘black box‘ which breaks rhythm with the carpentry of the bar area and is extended to the exterior of the locale. Amongst the many hard surfaces and industrial finishes in the project, this is the most ‘urban’ one, yet completely serves its purpose as transition between street and restaurant.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (7) [1600x1200] Malmö de Borja García Studio (8) [1600x1200]On the other hand, the bar area is characterised as well by a continuous wall counter, wooden shelves and colourful high stools.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (9) [1600x1200] Malmö de Borja García Studio (10) [1600x1200]Lightweight materials, particularly ashwood, reigns throughout, as do neutral colours. Meanwhile, the furniture stands out for its vivid colours.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (11) [1600x1200] Malmö de Borja García Studio (12) [1600x1200]«The wood was slightly treated to achieve a subtle matte finish whilst retaining all its natural properties», states the studio.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (13) [1600x1200]The furniture chosen mixes pieces like the chairs J77 by Hay and Whiskey by Punt with others designed by the studio themselves, such as the bar stools and tables. 

Malmö de Borja García Studio (14) [1600x1200]The lighting also mixes various solutions and intensities in order to achieve the desired affect. Standout pieces include industrially-finished screens and a theatrical lamp that was also made of industrial elements, both designed by Borja García Studio.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (15) [1600x1200]Last but not least, an illustration by the Valencia-based Lawerta sits at the heart of the restaurant. Featuring the words ‘Malmö, grönsaker och vänner’, it is a typographic work that pays homage to the vegetarian cuisine that the restaurant serves.

Malmö de Borja García Studio (16) [1600x1200]The handmade work of the illustrator contrasts with the hexagonal graphic supports in the project which heighten the geometric character of the space.

Photographs: Borja García Studio

C/Sueca, 46

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