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Good focaccias, better design -if possible- for one of the latest additions to Buenas Migas chain.

This project by Sandra Tarruella studio is one of the latest addition to the very popular chain in Barcelona specialising in focaccias, pastas, salads and desserts Buenas Migas. A culinary tradition inspired by Italian cuisine (specifically Genoese) and British desserts whose philosophy is characterized by a laid back and relaxed atmosphere featuring mostly natural materials. The design input for this outlet was provided by interior design studio Sandra Tarruella; featuring predominantly white hues, recycled unpolished wood finishes, sackcloth and knitted textiles, painted glass… together with railings and potted plants within a set-back terrace entrance.

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The brief called for a space that would address Plaza Universidad (where its located) and provide an inviting presence to the square. In order to do so, Sandra Tarruella created the illusion of an exterior space with copious planting based on a reinterpretation of the typical traditional Barcelona outside terrace.

This transitional entrance space borrows typical elements from these terraces, like the flower pots, the cast iron hand rails and the herringbone brick pattern applied to vertical surfaces here, allowing for the free layout of concrete benches with cushions and outdoor tables. The Torres Clave chairs, manufactured by Mobles114, are a characteristic feature of all the Buenas Migas interiors.

The adjacent wall is clad with a mural like composition of pallet slats made from pine featuring different widths and modules landing a warm ambience to the space. The external glazing system consists of a galvanized steel profile reminiscent of that used for greenhouses and which can be completely opened, blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

Internally the café features antique high ceilings painted in neutral white tones, reflecting the finishes on the lateral walls on either side. The serving counter is located next to the entrance featuring a set of glass volumes clad in off white and blue tones that also accommodate the preparation area.

The boarded timber cladding and horizontal iron rails inspired by the traditional hand rails of Barcelona are used for hanging potted plants and also serve as a backdrop behind the counter and support formica and plywood boxes in different shades of blue which are used for storing all sorts of products and packages.

On the opposite wall the wooden slats cladding, arranged like pallets, continues towards the end of the space, serving both as a connecting element within the overall space as acoustic insulation. This structure also provides support for high and low tables with their Doll chairs manufactured by Billiani.

The ‘L’ shaped serving counter configuration designed by the actual client features a highly transparent metal and glass composition. A series of Bufferlamps from Pols Potten’s are provided above giving off a warm light which reinforce the design aesthetic of Buenas Migas, a key characteristic throughout its outlets.

The rear area of the café is opened to create a larger dining space and is dominated by a recycled shared timber table fitted with the same lamps as the counter, as well as benches lining the timber clad wall which serve as a back rest. Original knitted cushions by Knit Studio in several shades are fitted on the banquette seating. These handcrafted elements together with the painted glass tabletops, in blues and pinks, reinforce the idea of a homely yet sophisticated interior.

The back wall features a mural designed to create the illusion of window with a backlit panel made from parchment and pine wood providing additional clarity and depth to the café.

Last but not least the bathrooms also feature the herringbone brick motif, this time using a glazed finish with a sink made from recycled marble. The toilet cubicles are also constructed from modules of pine pallets which are also featured in the general bathroom areas.

Photographs: Meritxell Arjalaguer.

Buenas Migas
Plaza Universidad, 1
08007 Barcelona
Tel. 93 454 46 32
Lunes a domingo, de 8h a 24h


Sandra Tarruella
Carrer Madrazo, 83
08006 Barcelona
Tel. 93 362 22 64

Read more about Sandra Tarruella in diarioDESIGN.


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