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Roca Moo and Roca Bar: Omm hotel in Barcelona redesigns and expands its cuisine offer.

Moo restaurant, located in first time in the landmark hotel Omm´s hall in Barcelona, has been renovated and extended to now offer two complementary spaces to its select customers. Unfolded in Roca Moo and Roca Bar, the renowned establishment sponsored by the Roca's brothers from Celler de Can Roca, will continue in his new stage caring at the same time the cuisine and the design of the space.
It’s been a decade since the Omm, Tragaluz’s group, opened its doors in Barcelona and became «something more than a hotel.» This luxurious design-addicted visitors is also hub of social life in Barcelona, and now renews both interior as the cuisine of his lobby. Sometimes, something has to change.

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Chef Felip Llufriu, Rosa Mª Esteva – Tragaluz’s group and Joan Roca from Celler de Can Roca

Known names in the world of creation are the architects of the expected renewal. The designer Sandra Tarruella was again the author of the restaurant interior. Better said, the restaurants, Roca Moo and Roca Bar.  The landscaper Ana Esteve  has been commissioned to renovate the garden, while Mario Eskenazi has developed the new graphic and Josep Abril has designed the new uniform for the Roca Bar.  In the kitchen, of course, the hands of the Roca brothers.

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Down the hall, still open the Michelin Star restaurant, now renamed Roca Moo. The facility will continue captained by chef Felip Llufriu that still has roca’s brothers as culinary advisors. But this most luxurious of the premises has some changes. For example, a new white birch forest has populated the forecourt that gives natural light to the space.

In Roca’s Moo cuisine is seen a central bar for the «misenplace» Also added some more places for diners in the new kitchen counter. The furniture in the room is still basically the same, although some pieces have been added to complement accessory (like nanimarquina’s carpets or the awarded white lamp by Antoni Arola), have been redistributed furniture, and lighting has dramatized .

A large bookcase-wharehouse, designed by Tarruella,  ingeniously separates Roca Moo restaurant from the new Roca Bar. The iron and wood bookcase is simply an subtle extension of the winery  of the Restaurant.

Roca Bar is the new OMM commitment , which has transferred its management to Roca’s brothers also. This new bar will service an expanded space, something more casual than its neighbor restaurant.  Now we can taste «tapas», sandwiches and some street food delicacies anytime.

Each pieces of furniture and lighting of the two rooms, as well as shades and finishes chosen, both spaces together have great consistency and stylish, contemporary touch of Sandra Tarruella. The Omm hotel lobby has changed, but still deserves top marks.


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Opened ten years ago in the heart of Barcelona, next to Paseo de Gracia, the Omm is a modern, colorful and essential place for both locals and visitors.

Designed by architect Juli Capella and interior designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez, has 91 rooms and a terrace with pool and exceptional views of Gaudi’s Casa Mila.

Photo by Rafael Vargas

Roca Moo & Roca Bar
C. Rosselló, 265 08008 Barcelona
T. (34) 93 445 40 00

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