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Gracia Cardona
26 agosto 2013

Delta Awards: Get to know more about the most prestigious Spanish design prizes.

Design always arises at a particular time, it's not out of space and time. The activity of projecting and creating objects can not lack of contemporaneity. And the times we are living require of honesty, austerity, simplicity and sustainability, among many other things. This is the reason why the jury of the prestigious Delta Industrial Design Awards has honored the Headhat lamp with the gold award, signed by the design team of Santa & Cole. In the same way, the mat-carrycot Xai received the ADI Gold Medal for the best student design.
Delta are the most prestigious awards of industrial design in Spain, granted by ADI-FAD design association every two years for 36 editions now, whilst the ADI Medals are the sisters awards for students. The awards ceremony took place last June in the new building of the Design Hub Barcelona, during the FADfest festival.

For the Delta 2013 Awards the jury consisted of Johanna Agerman Ross, founder and editor-in-chief of the international design magazine Disegno and of the website; Tomás Alonso, industrial designer from Vigo based in London; Valérie Bergeron, architect and director of the Materfad’s materials library and this year acting as the chair of the jury; Jozeph Forakis, designer and critic based in Milan and New York who works in furniture, lighting, accessories and digital products; Robert Punkenhofer, founder and director of ART&IDEA and Trade Commissioner for Austria in Barcelona; Viviana Narotzky, design historian and chair of ADI-FAD; and Mike Zancan, the National Sales Director of Antares Iluminación and in charge of introducing Flos brand in Spain.

All the finalists shorlisted for both Delta Awards and ADI Medals are featured in the catalogue of the Delta Awards 2013 and take part in the exhibition El Mejor Diseño del Año – the best designs of the year. Read more on this exhibition in diarioDESIGN.

Among the 47 finalists, reviewed on diarioDESIGN here, these are the winners:

GOLD DELTA: Headhat by Santa & Cole design team.

Flexible system of pendant lamps using shades (Hats) of different sizes and materials that confer multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head).

Read more on Headhat in diarioDESIGN

Jury statement: For its good resolution, because it is a simple, honest and flexible, leading LED lighting design that goes one step further, providing also with warmth to this type of lighting. For its minimalist design, which uses a classic and elegant language to incorporate new technology. Also because it consists of a few components which emphasizes sustainability and an intelligent form of production.

SILVER DELTA: Caliu barbecue. Designed by Jordi Bahí and Jordi Güell, manufactured by Bahí&Güell.

Caliu is a family of table barbecues where the style is defined by its simplicity, quality and easy use.

Jury statement: Because it is a very complete project in all aspects: design, production and materials research, which have led to a product with a strong identity and honesty that speaks the language of the materials used. Also for having a clean and contemporary aesthetics but at the same time with reminiscents of the tradition. For its business model, a young entrepreneurial team that is making an effort to work with local producers.

SILVER DELTA: h2o, designed by Noviembre Estudio for Botas de Vino Jesús Blasco.

The h2o is the reinvention of the traditional wineskin, adapting it to sport enjoyment and bringing it into urban everyday life.

Jury statement: A great example where design and craftsmanship team up to create a contemporary product. Because it rescues a traditional technology and creates a sensual object that ages well and also because it promotes, in a way, the idea of reuse and care for objects that could accompany us throughout the years.

SILVER DELTA: Mendori, designed by Issey Miyake for Artemide.

This product innovates in three different ways: it’s made of one piece of fabric, using a fiber obtained from treated PET bottles through a 2D initial folding process that turns into a 3D shade.

Jury statement: For being especially beautiful and poetic, paying homage to the Japanese tradition of paper lamps. It also an example of a good transition from fashion to industrial design, obtaining a result somewhere between art and design. A piece that seeks to be sustainable with the materials used, but also with other aspects such as volume, storage and transportation.

SILVER DELTA: Bench B. Designed by Konstantin Grcic for BD Barcelona Design.

Bench B is part of the Extrusions collection which makes use of aluminum extrusion as the base material for the development of various furniture pieces. It is a bench program either for public or domestic use, individual or up to 8 seats, for indoors or outdoors, with or without armrests, upholstered or in exposed aluminum extrusion.

Jury statement: for being an intelligent system that offers a great deal of variants through a single extruded piece plus two mold-made.

SILVER DELTA: Bicycle rack RIM CON. Designed by Moisés Martínez, Mariano de Gracia and Edu Sentís for EDSE Inventiva.

The beach is a leisure area suggesting a kind relation with its users and their bicycles. This design suits perfectly the demanding needs of such a location and to the manufacturing requirements.

Jury statement: Because it adapts to a specific context in a fun way, trying not to be a universal solution. For mixing a nautical aesthetic with a classic padlock look, providing as well with flexibility in the field of urban furniture at an affordable price.

SILVER DELTA: Slim by Josep Lluscà for Fluvià Concept.

Based on LED technology, the new SLIM collection represents technological innovation and high lighting performance applied to a wide range of light fittings for many types of spaces and work areas.

Read more about Slim in diarioDESIGN

Jury statement: For its elegant and beautiful design, its flexibility and adaptability to different environments and uses. For being a modular element which takes care of all the details, including the execution of the joints.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Control panel CWP. Designed by Guido Charosky for INDRA.

The CWP control panel is a workstation for air traffic controllers to visualize highly complex and constantly changing information.

Jury statement: For emphasizing that design can perfectly embrace a critical area such as safety. Because it provides with a good integration of digital control with a physical object, giving great ergonomics and adaptability to maintain the high level of concentration required at this type of work. For the integration of various parts in a single device easily accessible for maintenance and upgrade.

OPINION DELTA PRIZE: Cabinet, designed by Gerard Arqué and Miquel Tejero for Boo in Barcelona

Cabinet is a modular drawer that is flexible and adaptable to different environments and can be used as a side table, a bureau or chest of drawers, depending on its configuration. Friendly and comfortable, its trapezoidal shape provides stack ability. The set consists of a beech wood box with a push opening system, exterior and front in anodized aluminum, and a steel structure.

GOLD ADI MEDAL: Xai, designed by Genís Senén Gilabert from ESDI Escuela Superior de Diseño.

Xai is a sort of carpet for babies aged 0 to 9 months to play or relax. Furthermore, this mat can easily be turned into a basket or a small chair in seconds. Along with Xisqueta Obrador Association Genís Senén has created a product made of wool from the native sheep of the Pyrenees, Xisqueta, contributing thus to the preservation of jobs in the area.

Jury statement: For its sensitive choice of local materials, which gives a feeling of warmth, quality and safety to an object suitable for babies. A product of an interesting geometry that incorporates different uses in an elegant way. For its ability to mix traditional and new techniques to create a contemporary piece.

SILVER ADI MEDAL: Areniscos, designed by Víctor Castanera Peregrín from Elisava Escuela Superior de Diseño.

Areniscos tries to recover the relationship that should always exist between the human being and the environment: a collection of containers that come to life with Nature as a sort of doer.

Jury statement: For being an object that connects the human being with Nature in a creative and beautiful way. Because Its white fragile inner contrasts with the outer roughness of the sand, a reminder of the process. For its experimental side, simplicity and poetic features.

BRONZE ADI MEDAL: Sardines, by Estel Alcaraz Sancerni from the Escuela Municipal de Arte de Terrassa.

Folding wellingtons that take up very little of room. They are fully customizable and its flexible structure is made of TPU, a recyclable material. Its improved logistics management reduces the environmental impact of the distribution of Sardines.

Jury statement: For being a student project developed almost to a commercial level. For the consistency of the research process, the development of the design and the final resolution. For being a complete project that considers all aspects, including packaging, branding, naming, etc.


FInd more information on Delta Awards and ADI Medals in their own websites: Delta 2013 and Medallas ADI 2013.

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