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Art on architecture. Discover the work of Felice Varini and his latest work in London

The abstract painter Felice Varini has just carried out one of his visually impressive installations in King's Cross, an old run down area in London which lately has been rapidly developed. Occupying a distance of 2.5 kms across two edifices, the work is called Across the Buildings. This Paris-based artist of Swiss origin is a genius at intervening spaces and facades with geometric forms, generating distinct angles through which one can see the entire artwork or just interesting fragmented views.

The artist starts by drawing on the surface of the area. In this case, he brought over a giant projector from France that helped him map out the vast geometric shapes.

Afterwards come the cranes and a team equipped with harnesses that mapped out the patterns with tape. These were then filled in with vinyl in a process that took about three weeks.

The most outstanding aspect of Varini’s work is the way he manages to play with perception; when his works are observed from a distance it’s as if you could almost touch them. For the time the piece is on display (until next autumn) a viewing platform has been installed which lets you see it from an elevated position.

More about Across the Buildings

Across the Buildings is the third work carried out in King’s Cross through the Relay programme, which is commissioned by Michael Pinsky and Stéphanie Delcroix. Their objective is encourage people to come and see first hand the changes that are affecting this central London neighbourhood. Situated between the British Library and Candem, it was until recently a place of warehouses. Being also favoured by the pleasant Regent’s Canal, that also runs through it, the area is being re-developed by the Kings Cross Central Limited Partnership and features residences and offices as well as student housing and an overhaul of the Great Northern Hotel. 

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