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3 abril 2013

#iSaloni 2013 Novelties Catalogue: LZF High Fidelity collection at Euroluce.

LZF presents its new 2013 “High Fidelity” collection in a specially designed tailor made format. The musical rhythms and the graphic images unite with each lamp to form a multi-sensory compilation that embodies the spirit of this year’s collection. Their presentation features an outstanding quartet made up of music, graphic design, motion graphics and products. 12 songs, 12 album covers, 12 posters, 12 almanac pages and 12 animations to accompany 12 lamps. In a tribute to the iconic album covers of sixties jazz records and the popular soundtrack themes of the 70s, LZF have harnessed many forces in a creative fresh campaign.


The seventies was a great decade for the invention of dome shaped objects, like the transparent dome umbrella, the dome hat with those round orange sunglasses incorporated into it; but what we most cherish from this decade is the dome of silence from the TV. series Get Smart. When designer, Roberto Celada, brought this design to us, we just had to have it, in memory of agent 86.


The domino effect in lighting, a chain of self supporting squares falling into a ring of light. This new proposal by Irish designer Ray Power creates a domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling.


Inspired by the film “The World of Susie Wong” designers Yonoh studio plunge us into the cinematic aroma of Hong Kong with the Chou series. An object that decorates any room with tales from the Far East.


A song about a world where golden birds inhabit suggestive cloud like forms. A melody that breaks and reunites. A song of lights, composed by Marivi Calvo using the most emblematic pieces of the firm.


Raindrops of music that permeate throughout life, as if Javier Herrero had chosen a concert to present his designs to us. These drops, suspended in the night, creating inspiration for us all.


Nearly fifty years after the term Opt-art first appeared in the pages of Time magazine, Remedios Simón offers a new interpretation of this artistic tendency. One that tricks the senses, especially that of sight.

Link Chain

Melodically chains together all the strength of great promises so that light and design can remain united. A chain created by the hands of Mariví Calvo and Ray Power.


Burkhard Dammer presents an architectural model of great sobriety but which hides in its interior great beauty and demonstrates how simplicity can be of great impact. Equipped with T5 electronic technology, it has great versatility of use at home or at the office.

This campaign celebrates the excellent moment that the company is experiencing and transmits, through the friends who have joined the creative team, the fun that they have had making this compilation. We bring a melody inspired by the quest for quality and caring for the fine details, like the lingering pleasure of after dinner conversation, with the desire to make sure that each lamp is more than just a lamp. It will become a memorable experience.

Rithma, (Etienne Stehelin II), music maker from Los Angeles who has worked on many of LZF soundtracks has taken the musical lead in the project, composing an album of twelve songs that accompany the collection on an LP called High Fidelity. The leitmotiv of this year’s collection is to pay tribute to those small clubs, whose ambiance, made up of live music, lights and dark corners, always accompanied good times and get togethers full of happy moments. In a sense, music has always been part of LZF’s DNA and has accompanied them from the very beginning. But never before had they brought their lamps together with music in such an explicit, conscious and deliberate manner. At last, the new “High Fidelity” collection has provided them with theopportunity to pay this long overdue tribute.

More about LZF in diarioDESIGN, here.

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