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19 abril 2013

#iSaloni 2013 Novelties Catalogue: Living Divani, impeccable aesthetic.

A resolute character and feelings of lightness, a new pragmatism and a flash of eccentricity. These are the new traits of Living Divani’s 2013 collection, which expands to include articles with a multiform look and a multiple identity, generating a new “family” of furniture with a playful spirit; furniture to be reinvented each day, giving free rein to our imagination.


Polo Grace

Pin-Up Grace

This year the upholstered systems, entrusted to the meticulous supervision of the brand’s art director, Piero Lissoni, are distinguished by an unusual combination of lines and surfaces, raw and sophisticated materials, technique and innovation, for products that have never been so versatile and comfortable.



In addition to these, a new range of furnishing accessories makes its debut. Multipurpose objects which reveal, to the attentive eye, many different ways of looking at them, opening the way to multiple usage depending on whether we observe them close-up or at a distance and how we interact with them.



Now more than ever, people want objects with an impeccable aesthetic, quality materials, luxury finishes, but also flexible and adaptable,  that can be freely interpreted according to changing tastes and requirements.


Mandarin Grace

Eton Grace

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