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Cafe Kafka: Barcelona’s most chic and authentic bohemian bistro in Barcelona’s El Born district.

According to its team, the atmosphere at the renovated Café Kafka draws inspiration from several concepts: a literary cafe, a Parisian bistro at Saint Germain or an excentric home. However, this restaurant in Barcelona embodies the essence of El Born district in the last few years: a bohemian creative cosmopolitan atmosphere, in this case thanks to an eclectic warm decoration, a well-thought lighting system and Italian and French music.

The man behind bringing the charm into Cafe Kafka’s interiors was its new owner Karel Schröder. Born in Barcelona and owner of the Adriatico terrace in Barcelona and Marina Playa in Ibiza, Schröder has redesigned both the aesthetics and the menu of this restaurant-bar in order to attract «young people, curious travelers and urban sybarites of all-ages”.

Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jaumá are responsible for the new interior design. Two old tables were the source of inspiration to create the personal atmosphere of the space.

The lighting was one of the key elements in recreating the bohemian essence which impregnates Cafe Kafka. Numerous lamps and bulbs take the leading role not only providing light but also a stunning decoration due to their different colors and shapes. Good examples are the Sputnik lamp with multicolored fittings or the carbon filament light bulbs and opaline bar lights, that provide multiple reflections in the mirror. Furthermore, the display window lets the natural light in and offers a nice view of El Born’s historic modernist Antic Mercat.

Diversity of materials is also a key element for decoration: painted glass tables with brass edges and iron legs, multicolored rattan stools or a wooden bar ornamented with antique iron sheets simulating chimney trims.

Diversity is also found in the different shapes, colors, models and style of chairs and lamps, a must in any cool bar nowadays.

The ornaments are also diverse: shelves with plenty of books, mouldings, mirrors and other details such as writing the daily suggestions on the mirror behind the bar.

The warmth of the place helps to cherish the bohemian atmosphere thanks in part to the upholstery: dark red velvet on the sofas and ocher and green on the chairs. An organized chaos in terms of furniture with folding tables for extra guests completes the look.

Finally, a place called Cafe Kafka just could not miss a reference to the Czech writer: an oversized antique glasses frame and a school coat stand are some of the elements which pay tribute to the renowned writer.

Photography: Café Kafka.


C/ Fusina, 7
Reservas: 93 315 1776

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