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Trick by iGuzzini wins the 2014 Gold Delta Award, a lamp able to create geometric lighting effects.

The Delta Awards for industrial design granted the gold prize to the luminaire Trick, conceived by Dean Skira and manufactured by iGuzzini. A small technical design that generates a perimeter light within the space it is placed in; just as a magic trick, the own architecture becomes a lighting element. The ADI gold Medal for design students has been awarded to Jib-Ster, a snowboard design by Adrià Pedrosa, student at Elisava school of design.
jib-ster (1)

The Delta Awards need no introduction due to what they represent in the world of industrial design after 54 years of history. Organized by ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association of Barcelona-based FAD, its objective is to promote public awareness of innovative products that propose a conceptual renewal, being an example of design and production quality as well as environmental concern. ADI Medals celebrate the best design student projects. The ceremony was the closing event of the FADfest and was held at the auditorium of the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

This edition’s international jury panel was composed of Inga Sempé, President of the jury, a French designer specialized in furniture design, lighting, objects and fabrics; Eugeni Quitllet, a designer who began his career with Philippe Starck and currently has his own studio in Barcelona; Jorge Díez, a designer specialized in the automobile sector who currently leads the exterior design team of SEAT; Chris Lefteri, recognized as the leading authority in materials and their application to design; Joaquím Ruiz Millet, an architect, editor and gallery owner, as well as a donor of pieces from the collection at the Museum of Design; Johannes Carlström, the co-founder and designer at Note Design Studio, one of the most influential studios in Scandinavia, and Gracia Cardona, the co-founder and Editor in Chief of the on-line publication diarioDESIGN.

More about Inga Sempé on diarioDESIGN.

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Amongst the 53 finalists, already introduced on diarioDESIGN, these are the winners:

GOLD DELTA AWARD. Trick, designed by Skira Architectural Lighting Design for iGuzzini

Trick is a LED button-object that generates geometric, accurate and well-defined lighting effects: circles, lines, decorative graphic elements as well as grazing light, the possibilities are infinite. Trick is presented in three different versions: blade of light, wall washer and radial light.


Jury statement: “For the technical search of a luminary that should not only be considered for the object itself, but rather for the tri-dimensionality of its effects and its capacity to define interior spaces. It is an attractive form of aligning architecture and space with product and light. For being an industrial product that associates poetry and technique.”

More about iGuzzini Illuminazione Spa on diarioDESIGN.

SILVER DELTA AWARD. Rabari, designed by Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien for Nanimarquina

A collection of rugs that evoke the sensual and brilliant art of traditional embroidery of India, inspired by the handcrafted embroidery that the nomadic community of the Rabari made.

Rabari (1) Rabari (4)

Jury statement: «For provoking «love at first sight», instantaneous communication with the user; a piece that gets sensations across solely through an image. The technical traditions from India, used in a current way, a feeling of calmness and balance with the approach, as well as a tactile design with different textures, make it a product that inspires something magical.»

More about Rabari on diarioDESIGN.

SILVER DELTA AWARD. PET Lamp, designed and produced by Estudio Alvaro Catalán de Ocón

In 2011, the designer Álvaro Catalán de Ocón was asked to work with PET plastic bottles carried by tropical rain in the Colombian Amazon. The innovation introduced by the PET lamps consists of using the cap and screw of the bottle as the clamping electric elements whilst the body works as the warp on which the lamp is woven.

PET Lamp
Pet Lamp (2)

Jury statement: «For the poetry of the proposal and its history. It is not only a lamp, but also a system that strengthens cultural exchange and social and environmental concerns. A new production process that represents part of new generations seeking to find new avenues to continue to develop product design.»

More about PET Lamp on diarioDESIGN.

SILVER DELTA AWARD. Gardenias, designed by Jaime Hayon Studio for BD Barcelona

Gardenias was born with the aim of bringing back the classic elegance of garden furniture but with a modern and high-quality approach, a visually light design but nevertheless solid and resistant. Presented as a broad, varied, multifunctional and open product family, it includes sculptural vases, surprisingly fine terracotta flower pots, armchairs with or without pergola, benches and even an attractive sprinkler.

Gardenias 2
Jaime hayon gardenias 1

Jury statement: «For bringing fantasy to the garden, with a touch of a very personal design that generates a playful image, linked to happiness, as well as its light and organic shape, different from the majority of outdoor furniture.»

More about Gardenias on diarioDESIGN.

SILVER DELTA AWARD. Offset tables, designed by Tomás Alonso Design Studio for Maxdesign

Offset is a collection of tables with matching accessories for the home, home office and contract spaces, designed by Tomás Alonso for Maxdesign. Cutomizable, innovative and flexible, Offset responds to the new spatial needs of the contemporary work habits, where the boundaries between home and office are increasingly blurred.

offset (3)
Offset table system

Jury statement: «For being a simple and honest design, with asymmetries and accessories that enrich the product. For using fixings and assemblages that come from the world of cycling, in an easy and integrated way which facilitates its assembly. For combining functions and integrating office furniture in the domestic space, re-thinking the use of basic forms, as is the case of the round table as office furniture.»

More about Tomás Alonso on diarioDESIGN.

SILVER DELTA AWARD. Lojamonero, designed by DIBA studio for Lodiví

Quality, practicality and proximity are Lodiví‘s values: a new brand of local products, designed and made in Barcelona. Innovative and functional kitchen utensils, environmentally friendly, for those who are searching for a fair balance between aesthetics and practicality.

lojamonero (1) lojamonero (2)

Jury statement: «For being an intelligent idea that is an improvement to an everyday product. A discreet, simple, unpretentious and elegant product that represents good design in utensils used on an daily basis and at a reasonable price.»

OPINION AWARD. Grasshopper, designed by Makoto Fukuda for Escofet 1886

Grasshopper is a table and a bench that stimulate interaction among their users. New elements that enrich and humanize the technology of UHPC-Slimcon-crete®, that allows minimum thickness, an excellent structural resistance and better protection from the erosion and weathering of the material.

grasshopper (1)

ADI GOLD MEDAL AWARD. Jib-Ster, designed by Adrià Pedrosa, student at Barcelona Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria

Currently, 80% of snowboards and skis in the jibbing scene (a style referring to the use of rails, tables, trees, etc. to slide across) become obsolete soon because the edge of the board gets broken. This new technology extends the life of this product, with the intention of reducing to the maximum the possibility of breakage, as well as the damages that are caused on a daily basis.

jib-ster (2)

Jury statement: «For being such a good solution to an existing problem, with a careful research of both the problem and the answer to it. A complete project that offers a great improvement in a specific field, extending the life of the product. Also for being a comprehensive project in terms of industrial and graphic design development including the business plan.»

ADI SILVER MEDAL AWARD. Meetube, designed by Jordi Gaspar, Gabriel Rodríguez and Manon Berlioz, students at IED Barcelona

By exploring the corrugated tube, a material that is quite uncommon, they discovered that its qualities allowed the creation of a series of seats with new ergonomics based on the physionomy of human muscles. A wooden structure is what allows the tubes to have a determined appearance, offering a great variety of shapes.


Jury statement: «For its lightness, easy assembly and affordable price, requirements of a brief looking for an specific temporary design. For its adaptation to the asked space and aesthetics. An object capable of creating different atmospheres in one single piece.»

ADI BRONZE MEDAL AWARD. B’kid, designed by Noelia Vallano, student at ESDAP Llotja

B’kid simplifies the process of learning to ride a bike, adapting to the real psychomotor needs of children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. It allows the use of three vehicles in one single product: a tricycle to begin with stability, a balance bicycle to acquire balance, and a bicycle with pedals in order to learn to pedal.

B'kid 5

Jury statement: «For being a product that minimizes the limited shelf life of many objects for children. For its clear definition of packaging details, logo and other necessary elements for the marketing of the product.»

All finalist products will be included in the 2014 Delta Awards catalogue and will be part of «The Best Design of the Year» exhibition, a compilation of finalist and winning projects from the different awards organized by FAD associations and that will be on show until 22nd October at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. Find all related information about Delta and ADI Medals on their official websites: Delta 2014 and ADI Medals 2014.

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