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Arantza Álvarez
9 julio 2014

Bosco de Lobos, the secret restaurant inside the headquarters of the Madrid architects association.

Tomás Tarruella and Perico Cortés -founders of the restaurant group En Compañía de Lobos– recently opened Bosco de Lobos after the success of their Gallito restaurant in Barcelona and Ana La Santa in Madrid. The central patio of LaSede, the headquarters of the Madrid architects association COAM, is the perfect scenario for this Italian restaurant surrounded by a city garden.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-exterior BAJA

Its name tells everything: Bosco means forest in Italian. Hence, a green space with an italian name, just as the menu.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-exterior 2

Entering Bosco de Lobos means also disconnecting from the city buzz and stepping into a luminous and open space, although hidden behind the premises of the professional association of architects.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-interior 1

The design of the restaurant, a concept set by En Compañía de Lobos and designed by Sandra Tarruella Interioristasinvites the passerby to come in, pry and feel at home inside.

Bosco de Lobos is born with the aim of being a bar, a terrace, a meeting and working point, a brunch place and even a picnic area to enjoy during the weekends.


The great central bar offers the possibility to eat either a snack or tapas, as well as having just a beer while watching the cooking team at work.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-interior 2

The terrace and the surrounding garden invite the customers to sit down and enjoy this green space in the heart of Madrid.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam © olga planas copia

The so-called architects’ room is connected to the restaurant, and it’s perfect to eat, work on the laptop, read, and enjoy the light and calmness of the landscape outside.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-libreria 3
bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-libreria 2

Bosco de Lobos ultimately has the kind of charm that can be sensed as soon as you enter, either because of its interior design or the green from the garden designed by landscaper Ana Esteve or even, of course, by the high quality of its menu.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-interior 6

About En Compañía de Lobos

En Compañía de Lobos is an international restaurant adventure in two continents. A group based upon honest concepts, great quality products, meticulous design and devoted service where every restaurant is a one of a kind experience, result of the individual interpretation of the local food and the atmospheres.

Soon, and with the collaboration of the award-winning architect Isay Weinfeld, two new restaurants will be launched in the city of Bogotá, Colombia: Juana la Loca and Luzia. Both projects are supported by the great success of the two restaurants of the company in Mexico: Cuines and Luzía, recently opened in february 2014. Their next openings in Latin America will be in San José del Cabo and Cartagena de Indias.

bosco-de-lobos-madrid-coam-interior 5Photography: Olga Planas
Bosco de Lobos
COAM – LaSede
Hortaleza 63
28004 Madrid

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