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28 abril 2014

Frames by Jaime Hayon for Expormim: a charming twist for a Mediterranean artisan tradition.

1 frames hayon Expormim is a Spanish company founded in 1960 that is seeking lately to recover rattan as a fine material and to recognise this artisan tradition of the Mediterranean countries counting on important designers and architects. With an extensive know-how and history in wicker products, Expormim opens now a new chapter through the vision of Jaime Hayon. Read more about Expormim on diarioDESIGN.
2 frames hayon

Introduced at the Salone del Mobile in Milán 2014, the collectionFrames designed by Jaime Hayon evoques the respect and admiration for the artisan tradition of La Exportadora De Mimbre —’the wicker exporter’, former name of the company— by means of Hayon’s contemporary eye on the identity of this manufacturer of his own country with such a mediterranean flavour.

3 frames hayon

The complete set of the Frames collection includes an armchair, a folding room divider and a table. To manufacture them, expert craftsmen carefully select rattan rods, curve them using heat and then introduce them into casts by hand. But while the traditional use of rattan is based on the use of multiple diameters and links, Hayon created a framing method to compose the pieces in this collection based on more simple, organized structures.

4 frames hayon 5 frames hayon

Each structural frame is composed of a classical weaving which evoques the past, but the unit takes the sinuous shapes that characterize the designer’s style and his illustrations. Jaime Hayon has taken advantage of the capability this type of fibers have to follow the original lines of his drawings, where other materials would have required assembly.

6 frames hayon 7 frames hayon 8 frames hayon

The curved, organic frames compose both the screen and the chair, giving them warmth and comfort thanks to the flexibility of the fibers.

9 frames hayon

With this new collection, Hayon has created a new sophistication for a classic of the Mediterranean imaginary that allow to introduce a rustic charm to the interiors and the seduction of living the summer all year round.

Read more about Jaime Hayon on diarioDESIGN.

10 frames hayon 11 frames hayon

Photo credits: Klunderbie

Technical specifications

CHAIR: rattan or steel legs. Different choices of wicker mesh: classic or dense 3x3mm. Optional pillow.
SIDE TABLES: 2 sizes, 54cm x 35 cm and 44cm x 40cm.
SCREEN: with dense wicker mesh.

Available on the usual colors in the Expormim rattan catalogue.


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