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18 octubre 2013

Homage to stone: Dom Arquitectura studio brings to life an ancient home in Noutigos, Galicia.

1 casa en Noutigos The Dom Arquitectura studio, founded by the architect Pablo Serrano Elorduy and the interior designer Blanca Elorduy, has carried out the renovation of this ancient home situated in the rural village of Noutigos in Carnota, a region in Galicia (Spain). Respect for old stone and existing elements, combined with an open plan, modern lighting and furnishings are the main features of its charming and contemporary ambiances.
2 casa en Noutigos

The project by Dom Arquitectura respects the original volumes of the building and keeps the stone facade. The old window frames were replaced for ones made of chestnut wood and only two small openings were made in the south wall in strategic places in order to let the light in to specific points and enhance the views.

3 casa en Noutigos

The new openings are formed by fixed glass and Corten steel frame, contrasted with the old ones. On top, the south-facing facade was whitewashed in order to eliminate damp caused by small stones. The larger stones surrounding the window frames have been kept and placed following the existing lines, so that almost the entire first and lower floors have a smooth finish.

4 casa en Noutigos

The threshold garden functions as a ‘welcome room’, with large chunks of old stone that was salvaged, stone and wooden benches and plants such as lavender, albizia and vines, lending a simple, homely air.

5 casa en Noutigos

The stone walls of the home are the real stars of the renovation and connect the exterior with the interior. The ground floor has areas with a finish in ochre and yellow cement that covers the spaces where the original stone was in very bad shape. It is also a mean to highlight the various heights within the floor.

6 casa en Noutigos 7 casa en Noutigos

This space was made open plan with a continuous floor treatment. It accommodates the kitchen, dining and living areas.

8 casa en Noutigos

The first floor contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Structural supports have been made new with little ceramIc vaults finished with grey glaze.

9 casa en Noutigos (C:\Users\Pablo\Documents\dom arquitectura\_Proyectos\19_n

The top floor was originally used as a drying area for laundry. It has now been converted into a totally open-plan space that serves as the masteer bedroom. It brims in natural light thanks to attic windows cut into the former roof. Besides, a small terrace allows lovely views of Finisterre and Carnota Bay.

11 casa en Noutigos 12 casa en Noutigos

Photography: Víctor Solís

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