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12 abril 2013

#iSaloni Novelties Catalogue 2013: Gandía Blasco & Gan Rugs.

Gandia Blasco presents his News: a variety of outdoor furniture pieces manufactured with thermo-laquered aluminum, nowood, 100% recyclable polyethylene in a range of colors: white, bronze, sand, anodized… A good example is the unique collection Tropez designed by Stefan Díez, recently awarded with the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2013.

Flat, designed by Mario Ruiz, awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design, and by Wallpaper and MD magazines:

Atlantic, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco, incorporates the NOWOOD, a material matter, 100% recyclable, a mixture of natural fibers and plastic, that gives the warmth of wood and a higher weatherability.

Módulos, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco, an extension of our Outdoor Spaces Collection, in which we incorporate NOWOOD, ceiling lights and floors to our pieces:

This year we are committed to the talent and fresh ideas of young creative designers. Of this bet is borned Young Talents, with pieces like Textile, a design by Ana Llobet, a project inspired by fashion that applies techniques used in textiles to the world of furniture design:

Arumi, a design by Emmanuel Gardin, is an individual module or multiple modules places together will form an exquisite and unique table in any outdoor space:

Dozequince, by Francesco Silliti, a piece inspired in the observation of the thick cable connections in the city of Sao Paulo:

GAN by Gandia Blasco is launching a new concept: Gan Spaces: One rug, one image, endless possibilities. The rug is the starting point, the main concept, and now you have the option to elaborate on its design by adding coordinating cushions, poufs and accessories.

The first of its kind, the Mangas Collection revolutionized the rug industry. An exceptional design by a unique designer, Patricia Urquiola is now expanding the collection by presenting Mangas Spaces. With the same texture and comfort of the rug collection, the spaces collection is comprised of modular components that can used interchangeably to create a multitude of different configurations. The combination of the rugs and modules will guarantee a warm and harmonious environment: modules, poufs, rugs…

Canevas Space, designed by Charlotte Lancelot, revisits classical techniques: a cross, a pixel. Carpets, pouf and cushions made using a perforated soft felt base with interwoven threads of wool in a range of colors:

Sail Space, by Héctor Serrano, where the wool dhurrie transforms and grows in volume. Urban, sober and essential, it affords a plethora of possibilities.

Trenzas Space, a design by Gandia Blasco: wool and cotton on manual looms, the braided collection displays nature in a pure form while evoking comfort and quality:

Glaoui Space, designed by Sandra Figuerola, Moroccan tradition, indian crafts and your home with Alexandra and Tumbuctú poufs:

GAN is releasing new items. Its accessories are a new line of small objects that complement the rugs and make our lives more comfortable, yes, but also more beautiful. And to begin with, the design offers delicate and essential Nendo. Aram, a collection of handy multipurpose tables and stools you won’t get tired of looking at. High tables, low stools … in white, taupe and green.

Finally our Kilim rug Collections of Sandra Figuerola and Odosdesign; wool rugs by Gandia Blasco; and hand tufted rugs by José A. Gandía-Blasco, Pablo Gironés and Enblanc. Basic carpets, classic, practical, sober, surprising … and now contemporary craft.

You can download the latest Gandia Blasco and GAN catalogues:

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