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25 abril 2014

More LED technology and clever details: Spanish lighting companies land in Light & Building.

MARSET Follow-Me-siluet-600 Every two years, the world's best brands and designers reunite in Frankfurt at Light & Building fair to present the novelties that will star their catalogues for the next 24 months. It has taken place this month and here you can find a selection from the Spanish designers and/or brands participating, a must for all those interested in the field of lighting design.

Button (image below) is one of the new designs featured by Estiluz. Designed by Francesc Rifé, it has been thought so that the user can light either a small or a bigger space thanks to a tactile sensor that activates different, individual lights. It’s a 100% configurable lamp, available in different sizes and it can even be custom-made.

Discover more of Francesc Rifé’s work on our stories, here.

Fusion x64 TIFF FileAnother of the novelties introduced in Frankfurt by Estiluz is the new line of lamps, Emma designed by Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, a reinterpretation of the brand’s usual good taste for metal.

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Goula-Figuera also has designed for Estiluz the lamps Maine, a lighting fixture inspired by the aesthetics of the enormous nineteenth century ships and their small details, like bull’s-eyes or vent hoses. This versatile lamp is available in different format types and fits both in home and contract spaces.

Read more about Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera in diarioDESIGN

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Smile, on the other hand, has been designed for the bathroom courtesy area, lighting without dazzling and without producing any annoying shadows. This metallic, linear lamp was designed by Joan Cinca, from La Produqtora.

Santa & Cole has launched this time a meaningful set of new products. Max Bill by Miguel Milá specially stands out from its Indoors catalogue. This timeless re-edition turns 50 years old now and has been adapted to LED technology through the HeadHat lamp system created by the company before (winner of a Gold Delta and a Red Dot award in 2013). It is available in 4 different finishes: white, black, brass and polished aluminum.

santa & cole

Another new product for indoors introduced by Santa & Cole is the Care wall lamp. Designed by Miguel Milá as well, it is the little sister of the celebrated Cesta, created by Milá in 1961. It includes a metallic wall-fixture that wraps the lampshade and gives support to the light.

santa & cole

B.Lux has released the Scout lamp in collaboration with Stone Designs. The Madrid-based duo was inspired by those old enamel cups they used as children when they were members of the Scouts. This design has a new and simple mechanism to re-direct light. 

BLUX-Scout_Stone Designs for BLux_01

You have seen this ceiling lamp in diarioDESIGN before in the post on Solanelles and Cubil Restaurants at the Grandvalira ski station in Andorra, designed by Stone Designs too. You can read the related story here.

Read more about Stone Designs on diarioDESIGN.

BLUX-Scout_Stone Designs for BLux_03

Marset launched in Light & Building several new products too. The most outstanding one is Follow Me, a small, rechargeable and portable table lamp that suits both indoors and outdoors. It can be used as well inside restaurants and terraces that have no plugs nearby, or as a substitute for a candlelight. It’s based on LED technology and includes an intensity dimmer. It has an incorporated battery and a USB port, so that it can be plugged and charged. This is a design by Inma Bermúdez.

Read more about Inma Bermúdez on diarioDESIGN.

MARSET-FollowMe dinner

The successful Discocó family, designed by Christophe Mathieu, has been extended with two new colors: mustard and grey, this time with a matte finish. A new diameter of 68 cm is also offered so that there are now five different sizes to suit multiple types of spaces.

MARSET-Discoco beige and gray

Joan Gaspar has also developed a new design for Marset this year: Ginger. Created by using high pressure conformated wood and paper sheets, the result is an ultra-thin 4 mm thick screen. It is white on the inside, so it reflects light, and the outer finish comes in oak or wengué.

MARSET-Ginger suspension in ambient

Also Marset introduced the Hazy Day by Uli Budde, with a glass balloon as lampshade featuring a gradient that goes from a matte warmth of sandblasting to a bright transparency on the small curvature that finishes the screen.

MARSET-Hazy Day at kitchen

The last new product from Marset is Santorini, a family of fully customizable lamps. Designed by Sputnik Studio, they allow to choose the number, order, position and orientation of the ring-shaped shades that serve as light diffusers. It can be installed suspended from the ceiling, individually or in a group, or even hanging as a garland. With the use of accessories, it can also be used as a wall fixture or as a floor lamp.

MARSET-Santoniri garland on a terrace

Carpyen, on the other hand, has worked with Nutcreatives studio to launch Garçon, an ergonomic reading lamp with a timeless design. As the rest of their catalogue, this lamp is manufactured by producers in their area.

Read more about Nutcreatives creations on diarioDESIGN.

CARPYEN Garçon Lamp Nutcreatives

And last but not least, LZF Lamps has taken the occasion of being at Light & Building to release their new communication campaign, created to introduce their new lamps Stereovision. A tribute to the «Mid Century» with music, vinyl covers, posters… that have turned into a graphic representation of their lamps. Stereovision is the evolution of High Fidelity, recognized in 2013 with the Red Dot award to the best communication campaign.

LZF L+B-Frankfurt-2014-19
Light & Building 2014
March 30 to April 4, 2014. Frankfurt.


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