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RABDA awards, here are the 27 best designed bars and restaurants in the world.

Atrium Champagne barRestaurant & Bar Design Awards is the world’s only event dedicated exclusively to accolade the best projects on hospitality design. Starting from the two overall winners, here are the 2013 winning projects in all the categories, including two in Spain.

The Atrium Champagne Bar won in the Best Bar and Best Restaurant or Bar in a Hotel categories. It is situated in London and it was designed by Foster & Partners.


1-ATRIUM2Detail of the roof of the Atrium Champagne Bar. Read our report in diarioDESIGN on the Meliá Hotel – where this bar is situated.  

The other big winner was the Danish restaurant Höst, by NORM Architects. It won the Best Restaurant and Best Restaurant in Europe awards. You can read our report about it here.



And here are the winners in the rest of the 25 categories:

Best Standalone Restaurant in the UK: &Kitchen Table – Bubbledogs (London), by B3 Designers.

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

Best Restaurant or Bar in a Heritage Building in the UK: Apero (London), by Dexter Moren Associates.

4-Apero_Bar___Restaurant__1_ 4-Apero_Bar___Restaurant__5_

Best Multiple Bar or Club in the UK: Baroosh (Marlow), by Harrison.

5-Baroosh_Stained_Glass 5-Baroosh__14

Best Restaurant or Bar in Another Space in the UK: Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe (Castleford), by Harrison.

6-Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe1 6-Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe2

Best Restaurant or Bar in a Transport Space: Jamie’s Italian (Gatwick Airport, Horley), by Blacksheep.

7-Blacksheep_JamiesGatwick_1 7-Blacksheep_JamiesGatwick_4_restaurant_

Read more about Jamie’s Italian chain

Best Fast / Casual: Kerbisher and Malt (Ealing, London), by Alexander Waterworth Interiors.

8-Kerbisher and Malt1 8-Kerbisher and Malt2

Best Pub in the UK: Newman Street Tavern (London), by Concorde BGW.

9-Newman Street Tavern1 9-Newman Street Tavern2

Best Multiple Restaurant in the UK: Piccolino Cicchetti (London), by Robert Angell Design Studio.

10-Piccolino Cicchetti1 10-Piccolino Cicchetti2

Best Restaurant or Bar in a Retail Space in the UK: The Corner (London), by Stiff + Trevillion Architects.

11-The Corner1 11-The Corner2

Best Standalone Bar or Club in the UK: The Lost & Found (Birmingham), by Kai Design.

12-The Lost & Found1 12-The Lost & Found2

Best London Bar: The Roxy by designLSM.

13-The Roxy1 13-The Roxy2

Best London Restaurant: Tramshed by Waugh Thistleton Architects.

14-Tramshed1 14-Tramshed2

Best Identity: Eyescream & Friends (Barcelona, Spain), by Estudio m Barcelona. Last March we published an in-depth report on this project.

15-Eyescream & friends1 15-Eyescream & friends2

Best Lighting: The Feast (China), by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office.

16-The Feast1 16-The Feast2Best Pop Up: The Wahaca Southbank Experiment (London), by Softroom.

17-The Wahaca Southbank Experiment 1 Wahaca, By Softroom London, Photograph:josephburns.ieBest Canteen: Third Wave Kiosk (Australia), by Tony Hobba Architects.

18-Third Wave Kiosk 1 18-Third Wave Kiosk 2Best Bar – Australia and Pacific: Alfred & Constance (Australia), by Derlot.

19-Alfred & Constance 1 19-Alfred & Constance 2Best Bar – Asia: Cronus (Japan), by Doyle Collection.

20-Cronus 1 20-Cronus 2Best Restaurant – Middle East and Africa: Little Italy (Israel), by Studio OPA.

21-Little Italy 1 21-Little Italy 2Best Bar Europe: Rocambolesc (Girona, Spain), by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. Read our report on the Roca Brothers new venture here.

22-Rocambolesc 1

Rocambolesc Gelateria - Sandra TarruellaBest Restaurant – Asia and Pacific: Shyo Ryu Ken (Japan), by STILE.

23-Shyo Ryu Ken 1 23-Shyo Ryu Ken 2Best Restaurant – Asia and Pacífic: The Century (Australia), by Paring Onions Design.

24-The Century 1 24-The Century 2Best Bar – The Americas: The Living Room (USA), by Skylab Architecture.

25-The Living Room 1 25-The Living Room 2Best Bar – Middle East and Africa: Vault (UAE), by LW Design Group.

26-Vault 1 26-Vault 2Best Restaurant – The Americas: Workshop Kitchen & Bar (USA), by SOMA.

27-Workshop Kitchen & Bar 1 27-Workshop Kitchen & Bar 2

To find out more about the winners, finalists and all the candidates, visit the official website of the Restaurant & Bar Awards.

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