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10 abril 2013

#iSaloni 2013 Novelties Catalogue: Made Design by Planning Sisplamo.

Recycle bins Berna by Stone Designs and Zurich Plus by Joan Gaspar, modular panels Nara by Hiroshi Tsunoda, mailbox Sendai by Joan Rojeski and removable stool Toronto by In-tenta are some of the news that Made Design will present at the Salone del Mobile, in Milan.

The main idea of the Berna bins is to create an element with simple colored and shape with priority to functionality. These two points of convergence give a small bin with a look “close to nature”. For these bins, we chose to meet the standards of ergonomics to create a very simple concept with no frills or ornamentation.

Nara is a modular board that can create continuous surfaces with a locking system for convenient and simple use as a magnet. Nara appears as a truly versatile concept, suitable for spaces of any type and size, from children’s rooms to kitchens.

Nara comes in two sizes (500×500 mm and 250×250 mm) to enhance the versatility of the set, and its smaller version can be ordered in various colors. In addition Nara has a large number of accessories to customize your workspace: from lighting to electronic gadgets holders. A whole range of possibilities to make your own space, where and how you want.

Sendai is a mail box with key and sided tray for documents/catalogues. This designed and innovating product is made for co-working spaces, multi-offices buildings, houses, hotels employees or guests… Made in two parts, the private one is locked with a key for the classic post mail, personal notes, payslip, catalogues and/or magazines. The other part is open for the social relations, where colleagues, customers, boss and mates can share information, adds, catalogues and more…

Toronto is a detachable and adjustable stool designed especially for kids. The main raw materials are discs of cork and foam, both 100% recyclable and non-toxic. It is a piece of furniture and a toy at the same time. It is multifunctional transformable furniture designed to drive kids in their growth, in intuitive fun way. It helps them to strengthen fundamental skills such as movement, coordination and manipulation.

Zurich Plus is a recycling bin for interior. Beating lip in polycarbonate, available in colourless and anthracite with an articulated axle in stainless steel. Body made of four metallic faces, linked by metallic rivets. Smoothed metallic areas do not let any cutting area and confer a great rigidity. Base with four riveted nuts to, possibly, places castres and make easier its use. The pivot allows the total opening of the lid, by making easier its maintaining and by preventing its breaking-off.



More about Planning Sisplamo in diarioDESIGN, here.

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