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More LED technology and clever details: Spanish lighting companies land in Light & Building.

Every two years, the world’s best brands and designers reunite in Frankfurt at Light & Building fair to present the novelties that will star their catalogues for the next 24 months. It has taken place this month and here you can find a selection from the Spanish designers and/or brands participating, a must for all […]


Egue & Seta studio turns a retail space into a luminous loft with an indoors garden in Terrassa.

The trick has not been to take advantage of the building’s well and turning it into a garden, since it is actually an artificial garden in which the light comes from a fake skylight in the roof. This and other artifices have been used by the catalan studio Egue & Seta to transform this ground floor […]


PS 2014: the boldest Ikea collection so far, comprising up to 50 limited-edition design objects.

Ikea has recently launched its most ambitious PS collection ever, a compilation based on the fact that currently, and for the first time in history, people are living more in the city than in the countryside, moving more often and occupying smaller places to live. And such a fact doesn’t mean of course that we don’t […]


Síguenos en redes sociales

Cugat Natura Residential, an old people’s home featuring apartments for ‘cool’ spirited elderly.

‘Like being at home, but with the comfort of included amenities’, reads the presentation of Cugat Natura Residential, a 32 apartment complex for the elderly in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona). What they don’t mention is that the apartments are also a well-being design environment, featuring a modern, clean interiors with a careful selection of the […]


Petit Comitè, the new restaurant by Lagranja for Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany.

Lagranja design studio has created a contemporary and laid-back space for Petit Comitè, the newest restaurant of chef Nandu Jubany located right in the heart of Barcelona. Read more about Nandu Jubany on diarioDESIGN Read more about lagranja on diarioDESIGN The cuisine and the interior share a same language: an appealing menu based on classic Catalan gastronomy […]


Werner Aisslinger designs for 25hours hotels its first opening in Berlin, Hotel Bikini.

The hotel chain 25hours has just hit Berlin with Hotel Bikini, an exorbitant interior design project created by Werner Aisslinger Studio that fuses the still latent aesthetics of the post-war building hosting it, designed by Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger in the 50s, plus an exuberant floral style decoration and a bright colour palette. Read […]


Dray Martina: a shabby chic restaurant and bar in Las Salesas area of the Spanish capital.

The versatile interior design studio Madrid in Love is behind this luminous space located in the neighborhood of Las Salesas in Madrid. Dray Martina is a place to eat and drink within an informal and relaxed atmosphere, where white colour and raw wood are the leading features.


How to live and work in a 20 square meter space? Climbing, almost, through the walls.

The architecture studio Mycc defines it as «a singular urban shelter». And they are right. The solution they have provided for this 20 square meter apartment, but with one hundred cubic meter in longitudinal section, is at least original. They have taken full advantage of height to include the most number of rooms possible, to […]


Masterful renovation of a classic mezzanine in the Eixample district of Barcelona by Gustau Gili.

Architect Gustau Gili Galfetti has carried out an important renovation of an apartment in an advanced state of deterioration located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, based on the classic typology of the neighborhood buildings: two clearly differentiated zones, in the front and the rear, the latter one being provided with an access to a […]


The versatile Jomon bowls by Cookplay, a new brand devoted to creative cuisine.

Jomon is a set of bowls created by the designer Ana Roquero and chef Aitor Elizegi conceived to eat casually holding the plate in your hand. It is also the debut collection of the new food design products company, Cookplay, recently launched by the Basque industrial designer with the aim of providing creative or experimental […]


Oblix by Claudio Silvestrin, the restaurant on the 32nd floor of The Shard in London.

Designed by Renzo Piano, The Shard is the highest building in London and, at least for the moment, in Western Europe. Situated on the south bank of the Thames, near the Borough Market and Tower Bridge, it is an enormous glass skyscraper of 72 floors. On the 32nd floor sits the Oblix restaurant designed by […]


Patios and porches drive this sensorial home in Barcelona area by architects Prous and Ribas.

The Barcelonese architects Jaime Prous and Damián Ribas are behind this family home situated in Igualada (Barcelona). The backstory of this project started with a small model made of ceramic and wood that the husband gave to wife and was built by their own children. Actually, this project is a story of love. The relationship between the couple was […]


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