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Vitra♥Artek by studioilse: the attic of a German musician and a Finnish set designer.

This is one of the first synergies between Vitra and Artek since the Finnish company was recently acquired by the Swiss one. Their first joint installation at the loft of VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein is an attic designed by Studioilse for an imaginary couple: Harri, a German musician, and Astrid, a Finnish set designer.
2 vitrahaus studioilse
3 vitrahaus studioilse 4 vitrahaus studioilse

Every featured object inside the house depicts the story of their lives, to show us who they are, what they do and how they live.

5 vitrahaus studioilse 6 vitrahaus studioilse

Beyond this installation, Harri and Astrid have been used as means of communication to summarize the shared values of both companies. «The Finnish design company is more than a collection of furniture; like Vitra it is a commercial-cultural project which plays an avant-garde role in its sector. For Vitra it is important that Artek can continue and further develop this role”, member of Vitra’s Board of Directors Rolf Fehlbaum said after the acquisition of Artek last September.

Creativity and a laid-back style are the main features of Harri and Astrid’s home, which are reflected as well in the furniture chosen: the armchair 42 and the Tea Trolley 900 by Alvar Aalto, the Akari lights by Isamu Noguchi or the Plastic Side chairs by the Eames. All of them are clearly highlighted as very special pieces for the couple, trying to show their deep value as objects for them beyond what they cost. The couple have embraced this furniture and grown together with it. They have scratches and imperfections as the logical consequence of a table or a chair used on a daily basis.

9 vitrahaus studioilse 10 vitrahaus studioilse

Even though they’re currently considered as design classics, they were not conceived to be displayed at a museum, but designed to improve the quality of life of their users. This is the shared philosophy of Vitra and Artek and the reason why they are shown in the recreation of a flat. As their masters would say: «The ultimate goal of the architect is to create a paradise. Every house should be a fruit of our endeavour to build an earthly paradise for people» (Alvar Aalto); «The house must make no insistent demands for itself but rather aid as a background for life in work» (Charles Eames).

More about Vitra on diarioDESIGN.

The installation can be seen at VitraHaus and will be open for visitors all year long.

11 vitrahaus studioilse
Ray-Eames-Str. 1
D-79576 Weil am Rhein
Open: Monday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

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