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Tachy Mora
17 marzo 2014

The versatile Jomon bowls by Cookplay, a new brand devoted to creative cuisine.

jomon_02 Jomon is a set of bowls created by the designer Ana Roquero and chef Aitor Elizegi conceived to eat casually holding the plate in your hand. It is also the debut collection of the new food design products company, Cookplay, recently launched by the Basque industrial designer with the aim of providing creative or experimental pieces to the table.
jomon_03 jomon_04 jomon_05

Jomon combines references and inspiration from diverse cultures offering an experience very much in line with the current gastronomic culture, where fusion is almost a rule and eating with chopsticks or in «tapas» is not an exclusive, daily-basis exercise of the Asian or Spanish culture.

jomon_06 jomon_07 jomon_08

The Jomon collection includes bowls in different sizes allowing to serve from a small starter to a tapas menu or a slightly more generous main course. On the upper side of the bowl a round opening allows chopsticks to rest, even though it is an object that also invites you to eat directly from it with your hands.

jomon_09 jomon_10

Jomon bowls work very well to eat standing up, making them perfect for catering. They can also be used in an informal meal while lying down. For their use at the table, they are coupled with different sized and wavy trays, which valleys serve both for plating the food or placing the bowls.

jomon_11 jomon_12

Bowls are made of porcelain and trays are available in glass, thermoformed and sandblasted or in wood. They are handcrafted in Spain in two different workshops in Barcelona.


Ana Roquero attended Kingston University and, additionally to launching Cookplay, she is a homologated consultant in Crafts by the German government. She also collaborates as a designer with Arcos for their new line of professional knives.

Fotos: Kathrin Koschitzki

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