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Elena Minguela
11 junio 2014

Shustov Bar: splendid massive use of barrel heads and brandy bottles by Denis Belenko.

1 brandy bar Brandy Bar Shustov is located in Odessa, the third most important city in Ukraine with a busy commercial port just by the Black Sea. The team of Denis Belenko Design Band has been in charge of updating this bar and they did it through a project that highlights the original function of the place.

2 brandy bar

The space was a former popular brandy cellar, well-known for being the most advertised in the Russian territories. The stamp left behind by the old distillery has been chosen by Denis Belenko Design Band as the main inspiration for the interior design of the bar.

3 brandy bar

Therefore the walls of the two-story building have been covered in barrel heads in order to give an old-time but cozy look to the place, that also brings the casual and laid-back atmosphere of a cellar to this nightlife venue.

4 brandy bar 5 brandy bar 6 brandy bar

The upper floor has gained in luminosity due to another nod to the distillery: the ceiling has been covered with brandy bottles, creating a sort of glass carpeted ceiling that provides with transparency, beautiful lighting contrasts and a bar atmosphere. This space leads to the old stills and barrels, which have been preserved to give an idea on how the liquor was made.

7 brandy bar 8 brandy bar 9 brandy bar

The furniture chosen for the ground floor is made of oak wood in the same color as the barrel heads that cover the walls. On the other hand, the lighting pieces have a more industrial style.

10 brandy bar 11 brandy bar 12 brandy bar

Whilst the ground floor has been fitted with tables, the upper floor has small sofas to sit down and it is an open space designed to host large groups enjoying their drinks while standing up.

13 brandy bar 14 brandy bar
Photo credits: Belenko Design

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