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Online smartphones hospital Doctor Manzana opens a retail space designed by Masquespacio.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (0) [1600x1200]After the great success of their online mending service for smartphones and tablets, Doctor Manzana has just opened its first retail spot in Spain where not only fixing service but also design gadgets for mobile devices are both available. You can find it in Valencia and the studio from the same city Masquespacio was as well chosen to develop the project. Rather than opting for clichés, they created a space full of little references to the hospital universe but with a twist -as usual in them- in which identity and branding comes before the interior design.

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Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (1) [1600x1200] Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (2) [1600x1200]Masquespacio often approaches the beginning of a project in the same way, by strengthening the brand’s identity before moving on to the interior design. In the case of this space for Doctor Manzana, they started with the logo which is based on an electronic component that is part of the main company business: a touchscreen display. The words Doctor Manzana feature also a dual tone with a 54 degree angle pretending a sort of glint.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (3) [1600x1200] Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (4) [1600x1200]This same 54 degree angle has been applied throughout the whole project, deconstructing itself into an infinity of forms used both in the graphic design as in the retail space look.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (5) [1600x1200] Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (6) [1600x1200]From the beginning the studio was inspired by the idea of a hospital but during the conceptual process they decided to go a step further and combine it with a more fun and technological atmosphere.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (7) [1600x1200]Keeping a hospital as a reference, the studio used colours like green and blue, the word ‘doctor’ and some particular details as the curtain. Galvanized steel sheets give the space a more industrial touch, whilst white furniture provides the warmth that the ‘patients’ need. The pastel colour palette contributes to get that twist of fun that the project was asking for.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (8) [1600x1200] Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (9) [1600x1200]As an expert on trend-watching and in applying them almost without us noticing, Masquespacio’s creative director Ana Milena Hernández Palacios decided to add two more colours to the existing identity palette: “salmon for fashionistas and purple for geeks”, in the studio words.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (10) [1600x1200]The project stands out for its visual consistency. The reduced but rich set of colours and the reflection of the screen pretended in the logotype is continuously repeated, from the storefront to the interior and graphic design. Even the cube behind the counter is a replica of the packaging.

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (11) [1600x1200] Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (12) [1600x1200]

Doctor Manzana de Masquespacio (13) [1600x1200]The 40 square meter retail space required a major renovation due to a bad state of deterioration. The studio has managed to be highly skillfull on incorporating innovative materials with highly attractive results at reduced prices, using for instance galvanized steel sheets for the walls as a resistant and low-cost alternative.


Photos: David Rodríguez of Cualiti
Doctor Manzana:
Reino de Valencia 18
46005 Valencia

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