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8 abril 2013

#iSaloni 2013 Novelties Catalogue: Faro, ingenious design.

Faro believes in simple but ingenious ideas. Like how to create functional design lamps accessible to everyone. Our creations are the result of 62 years of learning and exciting experience. A long journey that has helped us to learn and improve. To give substance to our offer. We enjoy working with prestigious designers who create models with a unique and distinctive style. Our designs are easy to understand, accessible and functional. We are constantly on a quest for new materials, processes and technologies. Eterfan (designed by our in-house team) is a breakthrough in ceiling fan design. It combines traditional processes with technology.

Our creation Mix (designed by Manel Lluscà), stands out for its discrete slits allow light to shine out, generating a chiaroscuro effect.

Linda (designed by Estudi Ribaudí) projects light through its structure, creating a pattern of light and shadow.

Tree (designed by Estudi Ribaudí) stems from the interaction of human beings with their environment. Its branches grow in towards the top, which is where the light emerges from.

Flexi (designed de Manel Lluscà) is a casual, very versatile luminaire line with infinite positions and great practical applications.

Steps (designed by Estudi Ribaudí) is a tubular composition with an interesting efect of upper and lower light.

Yak (designed by Manel Lluscà) minimizes space through the use of LED technology.

Mistu (designed by our in-house team) provides excellent, perfectly proportioned light thanks to its polymethacrylate (PMMA) diffuser.

Versus (designed by Pepe Llaudet) is simple, easily-integrated and versatile. A contemporary object with a classic geometrical.

Nuk (designed by Manel Lluscà) is a highly decorative portable lamp intended to fully enjoy life overseas.

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