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New Fruitaway by Alxstudio in Valencia: A way to enjoy fruit with a healthy pop look & feel.

Last December a new concept of health bar opened its doors in Valencia: Fruitaway, a takeaway bistro offering delicious fruit snacks packed full of healthy properties and virtues.

The menu includes more than 30 varieties of LIQÜIDS: juices, shakes and smoothies, made with 100% fresh fruit, or combined with milk, chocolate, custard, yogurt or tiramisu.  Their fruit salads come with any desired topping your heart desires; chocolate chips, white chocolate, biscuit, muesli, Greek yogurt. Not forgetting their crêpes sweet or salty, they offer a menu of 5 different kinds but also give you the change to create your own with more than 24 toppings to choose from.

Fruitaway is a project by Alxstudio, a Valencia based studio led by Alejandro Catalá, Lead Designer specialised in global projects including interior design and communication, with the collaboration of Carmen Gómez and Sara Moreno. These young entrepreneurs aim for this project to become a reference point for all fruit consumers to be able to enjoy their first quality fresh fruit experience.

The layout, finish, textures, colours and lighting all enhance the qualities of the product and the recreational character of the space. Aesthetically, the most outstanding features are the pop look & feel and the contrast of blue and orange against a crisp white base.

The space with great attention to even the smallest details for example a permanent photo shoot where the visitor is snapped while “enjoying fruit” and their photo is then posted to facebook. The top ten most popular milk shakes invite visitors to make their choice with the promise of full satisfaction whether they take away or eat in.



Roger de Lauria 3B
Photographs courtesy of Alxstudio

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